News from hot pocket headquarters

3:58pm 04/24/2017

kageshi will be r b

4:16pm 04/23/2017

thanks i think we're done

spad 4:07pm 04/23/2017

we are going to brb again.

spad 3:15pm 04/22/2017

if you're going to report something in admin chat. please provide screenshots and evidence. don't just post a wall of text about how upset you are and then run.

spad 9:08pm 04/21/2017

here is todays friday coupon FRIDAY21

spad 7:50pm 04/21/2017

brb. you're gonna want to refresh

spad 7:45pm 04/21/2017

we are going down for an update in a few minutes. ty

spad 12:12am 04/18/2017


spad 1:30pm 04/14/2017


spad 1:27am 04/10/2017

profiles ..

we're changing profile boxes to be uploaded image only, you can try it out on your profile now.

but this also means any text you have entered into a box will be deleted (probably tomorrow). this is just a heads up in case you have some special quotes or other nonsense you want to copy out.

this only affects the boxes, the about me etc will remain as it is.

spad 11:04am 04/01/2017

Hey, instead of trolling you today, we're going to give a free 3 day Premium coupon.



zOm 4:01am 04/01/2017

This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge.

spad 12:34pm 03/11/2017

So as you may have noticed, passworded rooms are hidden now. We have replaced the rules page with a much better Terms page. We're going to have to be a lot stricter with content on here to get "The Man" to work with us.

spad 1:46am 02/24/2017

Cloudflare had an issue with their https, which we use. You can read about this here

I don't think this will impact us, but as a precaution I have invalidated all login cookies and sessions, so you will have to login to the site again.

zOm 11:35pm 02/20/2017

cams are down, come voice your grievances in the admin room

spad 2:09pm 02/14/2017

We're moving the website to a new server today. It will be going offline at :30 and should only be down for 1 hour. If you stay inside the room I don't think you will notice.

spad 5:22pm 01/09/2017

Admin Room is open for any questions you have today!

spad 12:30am 01/03/2017

we're looking for a few people to help out on the admin squad.

if you're interested, go to the contact form, choose admin app, and tell us why you want it.

thanks :)

spad 10:07pm 01/01/2017

Happy New Year!

*** We are having a sale ***

We are going to be changing payment gateways, so from Tuesday 3rd you will not be able to purchase for a week or two.

Thank you once again to everyone who supported us in 2016, things really are running much smoother now.

spad 5:05am 01/01/2017

that was brutal, purge 2017 was the best purge ever!! hope you enjoyed it. happy new year!