News from hot pocket headquarters

zOmbie 5:03am 02/21/2017

Cams are back! dabs?

zOmbie 11:35pm 02/20/2017

cams are down, come voice your grievances in the admin room

spad 2:09pm 02/14/2017

We're moving the website to a new server today. It will be going offline at :30 and should only be down for 1 hour. If you stay inside the room I don't think you will notice.

spad 5:46am 01/30/2017

Happy Birthday DFR_ !

spad 5:22pm 01/09/2017

Admin Room is open for any questions you have today!

spad 12:30am 01/03/2017

we're looking for a few people to help out on the admin squad.

if you're interested, go to the contact form, choose admin app, and tell us why you want it.

thanks :)

spad 10:07pm 01/01/2017

Happy New Year!

*** We are having a sale ***

We are going to be changing payment gateways, so from Tuesday 3rd you will not be able to purchase for a week or two.

Thank you once again to everyone who supported us in 2016, things really are running much smoother now.

spad 5:05am 01/01/2017

that was brutal, purge 2017 was the best purge ever!! hope you enjoyed it. happy new year!

spad 4:42am 01/01/2017

it begins in 15 minutes, please be ready! we have upgraded our purge system this year. bans, passwords, and 'no guests' will not be effective. please be prepared

spad 4:02am 01/01/2017

happy new year, the emergency purge begins 2017 EST

spad 5:20pm 12/30/2016

kageshi will brb

zOmbie 3:09am 12/27/2016

Cam servers are down ATM, hopefully fixed soon. I love you

zOmbie 3:21pm 12/22/2016

Kageshi and the Staff would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

zOmbie 3:25am 12/02/2016

Cams will be down for a few, please be patient while we fix the issue with super glue and popcicle sticks

spad 10:27am 11/26/2016

see the city walk??? walk city.

spad 7:44am 11/09/2016

president donald trump knows how, to make america great, buy your mum some flowers today!

spad 8:07pm 11/03/2016

happy birthday r3hab room!

spad 12:47am 10/31/2016

if you want to stop the faces. type ::stopface:: in the room

spad 1:54pm 10/30/2016

brb after this update

spad 11:31pm 10/25/2016

We now accept PayPal in the coupon store:

Thank You! to everyone who is supporting us now, we have added three new servers this week. Tina, Gene, and Louise. Thanks!!